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Ariston ASL75CXNA

Condenser Tumble Dryer

    If a fault occurs on this appliance it is registered by the ON/STANDBY LED flashing quite rapidly. The fault code is indicated by one or more function LEDs being lit up. The drawing shows a number connected to each relevant LED, add the total up and this will give you the error code
    Example; Alarm (1) + Post crease care/12 hrs (16) =17. The fault code would be F17
    Example; Time Delay (8) +Alarm (1) + High Heat (2) =11. The fault code would be F11
    Example; High Heat (2) + Alarm (1) = 3. The fault code would be F03

    When you have your fault code check it against the data base in our Error code lookup to find out what it means