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Component test Programme


WMA 1715S

  1. Turn the power off  and select the 90 Degree Cotton. Now press the START/PAUSE button and hold it in. It will start to flash after about 3 seconds.
  2. Every time you press the start button will now test another function on the machine as per the following list
1 All the LEDS will Flash
2 Pre wash valve operates
3 Main wash valve operates
4 Conditioner valve operates
5 Hot fill operates
6 Heater will come on.( It will fill to minimum level first if not already there.)
7 Drum rotates clock wise up to 52 rpm
8 Drum rotates anti clockwise up to 52 rpm
9 Pump comes on to drain
10 Drum spins to maximum
11 Machine fills to check for leaks
12 Program end