Belt Fitting
(Washing Machine)
The belts on the WMA and WMM range of Hotpoint Washing machines are loosely classed as stretchy belts (although you would never think it to look at them). This means that there is no adjustment on the motor. To fit a new belt (or even to replace one you have just removed) is simple if gone about in the right fashion. Whilst standing at the front of the machine, with the top and back inspection panel removed, lean over the machine and hook the belt over the motor pulley then feed it onto the right side of the main pulley as far as it will go. Hold it in place with a few cable ties rapped around it and the pulley. Put your left hand inside the drum and rotate it slowly anti clockwise. This will draw the belt onto the main pulley and the cable ties will snap as the drum rotates.
This Diagram is to identify how to fit a belt onto a WMA/WMM washing machine