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Component Test Program



Before you you start the test program make sure that the door is closed with the machine is switched ON


  1. Start with the selector at 'Off'
  2. Turn the selector to 'F' while pressing option buttons '2' & '3'. Continue holding the buttons for a count of 5.
  3. The option '2' & '3', Prewash & Wash LEDs will now start flashing.
  4. Press 'Start' for a count of 2.
  5. Option '2' & '3' LEDs will flash to confirm selection of test
  6. Choose a component you need to test and select the appropriate program from 'A' to 'H'
  7. Touch the 'Start' button and the option '1' & '2' LEDs will stop flashing and light permanently to say the test has started.
  8. The chosen component will now cycle on and off at 1 second intervals. The interlock when tested will energies and de-energies as quickly as possible.
  9. Touch the 'Start' button again and the test will stop, the option '1' and '2' LEDs will again start flashing. Repeat the procedure to test the other components
  10. To end the program just turn the selector to the 'off' position


Program letter
Component to be tested
Hot Water Solenoid Valve
Pre-Wash and Rinse Solenoid Valve
Main wash Cold Solenoid Valve
Drain Pump
Heater Relay
Door Interlock
Drum Movement (55rpm)
All the above Components



If the drum does not have sufficient water (more than 6 liters) the heater will not come on because the pressure switch will isolate the neutral supply