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Configuration information for


WM 71,72,73 - WD 71,72 - WDM 73

The Control Module used with Ultima controls is designed to accommodate a number of
model variants. The module is configured in the factory to suit the requirements of the model to which it is fitted. If a new module is fitted, it must be configured to suit that model as follows:-

1. Fit the new or replacement module.

2. Hold down the A, B and D keys
3. Press the On button the display will show WM1000
4. Press the A key to scroll through the model options
5. Press the Start key (display will show ENGLISH), press it again and the display will
The programming is complete.
The display will show one of the following:
WM1000 for 1000 rpm models WM 71
WM1200 for 1200 rpm models WM 72
WM1400 for 1400 rpm models WM 73
WD1200 for 1200 rpm Washer Dryer Model WD 71,72 and WDM73A
Language Selection
There are six language options available. The default language is English.
To change from English to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Dutch, carry out the
following steps.
1. Hold the A and B keys down and press the On button.
2. Release the A and B keys.
3. Press the A key until the required language is displayed.
4. Press the Start key to programme the language into the memory.