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Configuration information for





    1. Switch the machine off and disconnected it from the mains. (Pull the plug out)
    2. Fit the 'new' or 'previousely used' module and replace the top.
    3. Reconnect the plug and switch it on while you hold in the 'Wool' button
    4. You should see the 'Door Locked' symbol.....release the wool button.
    5. If you see two digits instead then just follow the instructions from step '9'
    6. Press the 'Cancel' button and hold it untill the display goes blank.
    7. Switch the machine off from the mains wall socket
    8. Press the 'Wool' button while you switch the machine back on and you will now see two digets in the display
    9. Scroll through the options of the left hand digit by pressing the 'Prewash' button
    10. Scroll through the options of the right hand digit by pressing the 'Mini Load' button
    11. This two diget code relates to bothWMM75A-WMM65A
    12. When you have made your selection press the 'Start' button and the screen will go blank
    13. Press the 'Start' button again and 'ON' will show.
    14. You can now select a program and the machine will work as it should.