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Service Test

Hotpoint Ultima Washing Machines

  1. Make sure the controls are (off) Having previously canceled all programs
  2. Switch off or remove the mains power plug to the machine
  3. Reconnect the power supply and switch the machine ON while pressing in the Rinse & Spin button
  4. The display will now show error code E-19.
  5. Touch the Start button and whole display will light up to confirm all the light segments are working
  6. Touch the Start button again. The display will now switch off and the test sequence will start.
  7. If a fault is detected during the test an error code will be shown. Enter this code in our 'error code lookup' and this will indicate in which area the fault is and possibly some of the more common reasons for that error. If an error code appears the test will abort.  
  8. At the end of the test, disconnect the machine from the power supply. (Switch it off from the wall socket or remove the plug). After about 10 seconds switch it back on and the machine will now be ready for normal use      



Test Number
Test operation
'Start' lights up to confirm the start of the test
Door interlock is energized & the 'Pre-wash' lights.
Hot fill operates for 6 seconds
The cold rinse/pre-wash solenoid operates for 6 seconds
The cold fill valve operates for 6 seconds
The Hot and Cold valves operate until the pressure switch set level.
'Wash' lights up to confirm the pressure switch has been set
The machine will heat and agitate until there is a rise in temperature of at least 1.5 Degrees centigrade
'Rinse' lights up to confirm the heater and thermistor are working
The machine will pump out until the pressure switch resets
'Spin' lights up to confirm the pressure switch has been reset and the machine has pumped out.
The pump will run for 20 seconds.
The drum will rotate at 90rpm for 20 seconds
The drum will rotate at 1000rpm for 20 seconds
The drum will spin at full speed for 20 seconds (This spin speed is dependant on the model)
'End' lights up to confirm the test sequence has finished