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Service Test Program


WMA30, WMA31, WMA32, WMA33---WMM39A

Before you start the test program make sure that the door is closed and the machine is switched ON


  1. Start with the selector at 'Off' or 'O' and if fitted turn all variable controls (spin and temperature) to maximum.
  2. Turn the selector to 'D' while pressing option buttons '2' & '3'. Continue holding the buttons for a count of 5.
  3. The option '2' & '3', 'Pre-wash' LEDs will now start flashing.
  4. Press 'Start' for a count of 2. and all the LEDs will light up
  5. To start the test select 'A' on the program dial and press the 'Start' button.
  6. All the LEDs will now be off and the function test will begin.
  7. When the test has ended the LEDs for options '2' and '3' plus 'End' & 'Door Locked' will light up.
  8. Turn the selector to 'Off' or 'O' when the testing has finished.
  9. If a fault has been detected the 'End' LED will flash and the error will be noted by the ilumination of other function LEDs
  10. Check the codes against the lower chart below


Test No:
Aquarius Service test
Door lock LED lights up
The hot fill valve operates for 6 seconds
The cold rinse/pre-wash valve operates for 6 seconds
The cold fill valve operates for 6 seconds
Both the hot and cold fill valves operate untill the pressure switch activates
The option '2' LED lights up to confirm the pressure switch has activated
The heater comes on and the drum rotates untill the water temperature rises by 1.5 degrees Centigrade
The option '2' LED switches off and the option '3' LED turns on to confirm the heater and thermistor are functioning
The machine pumps out untill the pressure switch resets
Options '2' & '3' LEDS light up to confirm the the pressure switch has reset and the machine has pumped out
The pump runs for 20 seconds
Drum turns for 20 seconds at 90rpm
Drum turns for 20 seconds at 1000rpm
Drum spins for 20 seconds at full speed (this speed will vary depending on the model)
Options '2' & '3' plus 'End' and 'Door Locked' LEDs light up to confirm the test sequence has finished

If you have a fault check it against this grid

Aquarius Error code lights
Possible Faults
End LED flashing
Faulty door interlock.Check interlock and associated wiring
Door Locked LED on
Pressure switch. Check pressure chamber for blockage and connecting air hose for leeks
Option 2 and Door Locked LEDs on
Heater.Check heater and connections, thermistor, module
Option 2 and option 3 LEDs on
Motor.Check tacho and wiring connections,brushes,module connections.
Option 2 LED on
Pressure switch.Check pressure chamber and air hose for leaks or loose connections
Option 3 and Door Locked LEDs on
Pressure switch jammed.Check pressure chamber, pump and sump for blockage.
Option 2 and 3 and Door locked LEDs on
No motor action.Check motor and wiring,brushes,module and connections