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Washing machine / Washer Dryer

Service test sequence

Ensure the power and water to the machine are ON and the Door is closed.

Set the selector knob to Drain & Spin (Position 9)





      Start test

  1.) Depress option button 2 and hold it

  2.) Within 30 seconds press option button 3 four times and all the LED's will light up

  3.) Press option button 1 within the next 20 seconds

  4.) The machine will fill from the prewash valve

  5.) Press option button 2 and the machine will now fill from the main wash valve

  6.) Press option button 2 again and the machine will fill by both hot and main wash valve.

  7.) Press option button 2 again and the machine will stop filling.

  8.) When the machine has filled to level the motor will turn clockwise

  9.) Press 2 again and the bleaching valve operates, it cuts out after 90 seconds without any intervention (if there is a water stop fitted this must be activated for a few seconds to verify pump is OK)

  10.) Press option button 2 again and the heater will come on as well as the motor turning. To exit this function turn the selector dial to any other position, otherwise the machine will advance on

      when the temperature reaches 80°C or 90 minutes.

  11.) Press option button 2 again and the machine will empty then start a series of spins starting at 100rpm then 10 seconds at 500 rpm and max speed for 240 seconds.

     To check the speed reduction function press 'Spin Speed' button. Turn to 'NO SPIN' to exit.


      Additional tests for Washer Dryers

  1.) Press option button 2 for the condensate valve to operate

  2.) Press 2 again and the dryer fan will come on

  3.) Press 2 again for the fan and dryer heater to come on

  4.) Press it yet again to end.

  5.) All the LED's should be on at the end of the test or in the case of a disply the word 'END' should be visable