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Test Program for

New Diplomat Dishwashers

Program Setup

  1. Make sure the machine is empty of water and the dispenser flap is closed, but the door is open
  2. Switch the machine on via the S2 button while pressing button S4
  3. The LEDs should all start flashing
  4. Now close the door.
Press Button
Function being tested
The machine will fill to the correct level and continue for about another 15 seconds
The soap dispenser will activate and stay energised for about a minute.
The wash motor will activate for approximately one minute( Providing there is sufficient water in the machine)
The half load solenoid will energise plus the wash motor will activate for one minute
The Heater will come on, the wash motor will energise after the first 30 seconds and continue for about one minute. Should the water level drop during this procedure it will be topped up via the fill vale to the correct level
The softner unit valve will opperate for approximately one minute



To cancel the test program just turn the machine OFF via the ON/OFF button