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General Information

Some years ago and due to ill health I was unable to continue working as a service engineer (or anything else come to that)but rather than do nothing I started this free information website to help people with the more common and less technical faults with their appliances. This pastime gradually became more involved and I started making short videos of repairs on different machines. Although the videos may run for only 5 to 10 minutes each, they actually take me well over a week to film and compile each one. I've had help over the years by other engineers with regards to faults and things to watch out for, we also compiled the three workshop manuals which gives information relating to different scenarios that may occur during normal use of the machines, plus much, much more.

To the D.I.Y. Enthusiast

As you probably know there are only so many things that can go wrong with a machine, but there is an ever increasing amount of ways these faults can occur. The easiest appliances to repair are the older ones, but with the advent of time and new technology comes new and more complicated problems some of these are best left to the experts that have the test equipment to diagnose the fault initially, saving you the cost of replacing numerous  parts, you didn't need. But hopefully we can assist with the less demanding faults.

To the Engineer

A little bit about the Engineer search; First you add your details to the database, then anyone wishing to find an engineer who works in a certain post code area i.e (where they live) just type in their post code and if you work in that area your name will pop up along with all the types of machines you work on and any other information you have entered such as contact number and website (if you have one). At present there is no charge to add your information to the database because we are collecting as many engineers as possible. The more postal areas you cover will increase the amount of times your name will come up in a search.

If you would like to add your details to our database while it is still a free sevice the relevant details are on the Homepage. 


On behalf of Selfix-uk we hope you manage to solve your appliance fault (and tell others).


All the information given on this website is free and as such it is at the discretion of the individual as to whether they feel competent enough to act upon this information. No Guarantee is made or implied as to the accuracy or usability of such information, nor is it claimed or implied that this information is applicable to every appliance mentioned We will not be held responsible for any damage, accident, injury, or out of pocket expenses incurred by any person due either directly or indirectly from information given on this website or any linked websites associated to All and any repair work carried out should be done in a safe and responsible manner with special care taken regarding the isolation of electrical supply before the commencement of any work.