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we do not endorse any of the third party sites listed in these web pages but include them purely as an extra option for our patrons to locate the answers required for a speedy resolution to their appliance problems.
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Dixon Training Homepage

Depending on the individual candidates requirements in-depth training and repair techniques are available for washing machines, dishwashers, tumble-dryers, microwave ovens and conventional electrical cooking appliances.

FixYa Homepage

Here we have a question and answer web site that can be used as an information forum or if you really want quick answers you can pay. There are a number of users that are willing to answer your questions so you could have your appliance up and running in no time!

This is another very good hints and tips web site that covers a lot of different DIY projects. If you have the time and like reading you could find it quite interesting.It also has a page with a few error codes for makes not listed on this site.

How to Mend it

This is a forum based site where you enter your details onto a notice board. There are a number of faults already listed so you could find help here. However this site is not restricted to domestic appliances so it could be handy for other DIY problems as well.

This site has a very good question forum, covering a variety of different appliances. Although I am not too sure how long you will need to wait for a responce.

Refrigeration Engineer
If you have a problem with your Refrigeration system, and need a few pointers then look no further. This forum section will benefit both trade and DIY.

Part Select(cooker error codes)
Another useful and informative website with an excellent selection of cooker error codes and definitions that cover a wide range of manufacturers, (not just Hotpoint). However this is a US based site therefore not all the codes will automatically apply to UK appliances.

Here we have what could be a very useful website. It is an American site but claims it covers over 100 countries, and I assume relevant appliances in those countries. So if you need one to one assistance on a particular repair it would seem this is a good place to start. Unfortunately this service is not free but it could save you money and time in the long run. Apparently you only pay when you are satisfied with the assistance given.

Appliance Assistant
This is an American web site that uses videos to illustrate and show how an appliance comes apart (the down side is the videos are not free). But it is still worth taking a look.

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